Princess Alessia of Florence had been asked to entertain an investor whom she would pick up from the airport and bring to her family-owned vineyard. But she'd waited for hours and he still hadn't shown up. Angry, she decided to leave, but as soon as she started her car, she crashed into a Ferrari. The man who got out of the car and began arguing with her turned out to be Nicolo, the investor she had been waiting for. In spite of their rocky start, Alessia found herself attracted to his sophisticated bearing. But she knew she shouldn't fall for him-after all, he was in the mafia!



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original novel :

Sandra Marton

Publisher :


Series :

The Orsini Brothers- 4 -

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Nicolo: the Powerful Sicilian The Orsini Brothers IV

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Pages: 129

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