The Baby Deal

Trust-fund princess Amanda has finally left the man she married at her father's behest. Searching for true love, she meets Reb, a man from the rough side of town. Even though he's a dangerous man, his charm leads to a night of reckless passion. Two months later, Amanda realizes she's pregnant. In order to avoid her stepmother, Amanda leaves her family home but soon finds out that she doesn't have enough money to make it on her own. She finally decides to ask Reb for help even though she doesn't love him. Reb, however, gives her an ultimatum: Amanda will either marry him and move into his automobile repair shop or Reb will give her nothing.(c)MIWA TACHIKI/ALISON KELLY


The Baby Deal

Is Amanda about to embark on her second loveless marriage?[129pages]
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artist : Miwa Tachiki original novel : Alison Kelly Publisher : Harlequin

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