Protecting the Desert Heir

Sterling faces a big challenge when Rihad, the Sheikh of Bakri, confronts her. Knowing that Sterling is pregnant with his little brother, Rihad has no choice but to make the baby his new heir. So he takes Sterling to Bakri and even convinces her to marry him so the baby's link to the royal family can't be doubted. Sterling goes along with Rihad's plans for her baby's sake and does her best to behave like a suitably convincing wife, even going on a honeymoon with Rihad... She has no interest in status or fortune for herself, but she cannot deny her interest in Rihad! Little does he know that Sterling is keeping a very big secret!


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Protecting the Desert Heir

Pages: 129

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Misao Hoshiai original novel : Caitlin Crews Publisher : Harlequin

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