Princess in the Making

In her role as a hotel employee, single mom Vanessa met the king of a Mediterranean island nation...and the king, old enough to be her father, asked her to marry him! When he realized Vanessa wasn't convinced by his proposal, the king suggested she spend her holiday in his country to get to know him better. She decided to go, but when she arrived, she was greeted by the king's outrageously handsome son, Prince Marcus, who looked at her disparagingly. He thinks she's after his father's money. He's wrong, of course, but the king is out of the country to deal with an urgent matter, which means she'll be stuck with the cold-hearted prince for two long weeks!


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Princess in the Making

Will this cold-hearted prince warm to Vanessa's charms?[129pages]
Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Earithen original novel : Michelle Celmer Publisher : Harlequin

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