Secret Baby, Public Affair Rogue Diamonds II

Three days before her wedding, Blair discovered her fiance was having an affair with her best friend. In order to heal her heartbreak, she went to Tuscany, where they should have had their honeymoon, and met Draco, an aristocrat from a noble family. They shared several wild days together, but the worlds they live in are just too different... Afterward, Blair throws herself into her work to try to forget about him, but one day Draco makes a surprise visit. No matter how much she tries to insist it was just a brief fling, he won't relent, and she eventually succumbs to his passionate advances. He's reawoken her pleasant memories of Italy, but everything's about to change again... She's pregnant!


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Secret Baby, Public Affair Rogue Diamonds II

She knows she should face reality. But how can she turn down her greatest dream?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Harumo Sanazaki original novel : Yvonne Lindsay Publisher : Harlequin Series : Rogue Diamonds- 2 -

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