Accidental Fiancee The Merits of Marriage III

Olivia has a close brush with danger while skydiving, but is saved by a man named Zach Merit. He's the son of a wealthy family and a notorious playboy. She's drawn to his green eyes and impulsively kisses him. What did I just do to the man who saved my life? she wonders. But the paparazzi have already snapped their picture before she realizes what she's done. Later on Zach is taken aback by the report of his engagement to Olivia. When did I agree to marry the daughter of a presidential candidate? All I did was save her life!?


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Accidental Fiancee The Merits of Marriage III

Zach can't quite figure out how he got from hero to bridegroom!?[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Chikae Ide original novel : Renee Roszel Publisher : Harlequin Series : The Merits of Marriage- 3 -

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