Her Ardent Sheikh

Jamie was going to another country to marry a wealthy man who would pay off her father's debt, but her plane ran into trouble on the way there. Ever since, her life has been in danger. One day, when she was just about to be run down by a car, Ben, a wealthy man from an Arabian royal family, saved her life. He brought her to his mansion and took care of her until she recovered. Jamie naturally became attracted to him, but she knew that a relationship with Ben was impossible. She decided that it would be enough if she could be Ben's mistress for even one night, and with the help of an Arabian book about love, she planned to stay in Ben's heart.


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Her Ardent Sheikh

Pages: 129

Rent (48hrs) : 499 pts

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artist : Marito Ai original novel : Kristi Gold Publisher : Harlequin

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