My Junior Coworker's on the Prowl! -Hunted Down in the Office!-

"It's cute... how turned on you are." Whispering sweet nothings in my ear, using his fingers to pleasure me... I shouldn't want it, so why can't I resist...!? I'm a diligent employee with a secret. I moonlight at a hostess club. One night, though, my cover's blown when my coworker Asahi walks in and sees me! He's good at his job and popular with the girls at the office, yet for some reason he's always teasing me... I beg him not to tell anyone, but he insists on not letting me go. Then, he makes a move one day at the office...! For someone so aggressive and mean, he sometimes shows a gentle side... when he asks for me at the club with that sweet face, how can I say no!?


My Junior Coworker's on the Prowl! -Hunted Down in the Office!- (1)

I'm Yui, and I work hard in an office during the day. At night, I secretly moonlight as a hostess. No one at my company can find out. Wait, did my coworker just walk in and spot me...!?[27pages]
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author : Haruka Fujiki publisher : Bevy Toshishita Ookami no Goshimei Desu Shinya Office de Taberare Ecchi

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