After his exile, Carlos of the San Renaldo royal family became a surgeon in the US. But his relationship with Laila, longtime friend and hospital lawyer, became strained after a one-night affair-their dreamlike moment of passion had serious consequences. When Laila told Carlos of her pregnancy, he insulted her by telling her that in order for the child to inherit his title, its paternity must be certain. Offended, Laila resolved to raise the child alone. A few days later, however, Carlos suddenly appeared and, while they awaited the results of the child's parentage, invited Laila on a weeklong vacation to repair their relationship.



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artist :

Reiko Kishida

original novel :

Catherine Mann

Publisher :


Series :

Rich, Rugged & Royal- 3 -

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

His Heir, Her Honor Rich, Rugged & Royal III

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Pages: 129

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