Dangerous Infatuation

Angela came to the Middle Eastern country of Jahira to take care of her aging father. She's a journalist, so she's thrilled to get an offer to work for the Jahira news. But when she goes to meet the owner of the paper, she learns he's the man she had a run-in with in the parking lot... He thought she was trying to steal his car! It turns out he's none other than Sheikh Rashid al-Hazar and he's quite full of himself! He tells Angela he can't stand her and to go home. What will her next move be?


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Dangerous Infatuation

She was there for a job interview. He thought she was a car thief! Will she get the chance clear her name?[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Maoko Nagasaki original novel : Stephanie Howard Publisher : Harlequin

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