The Baby of Their Dreams

Seven years ago, Cat gave birth to a premature baby, lost him only two days later and broke up with her fiance. Since then she's been focusing on work to distract herself from her pain. One day on a business trip to Barcelona, she meets a man named Dominic, a doctor. She's instantly attracted to him and they spend a passionate night together. She knows it's just one night, but she wants more. Still, she can't bring herself to trust a man who seems to be hiding something and they end up parting on bad terms. That's why, when she finds out that she's pregnant, Cat decides to raise the child on her own.


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The Baby of Their Dreams

She's pregnant again after all this time, and she's determined to raise the child herself.[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Amie Hayasaka original novel : Carol Marinelli Publisher : Harlequin

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