The Manga Author's Assistant

author :

Nae Serizawa


The part-time job that manga-loving Yukiko found was working as an assistant to manga artist Renji Kaneko. However, when she shows up at his workplace, she discovers that Renji Kaneko is actually her ex-boyfriend from high school who broke up with her out of the blue, Tsukasa. When Yukiko learns of how he was told he needed to draw sexier looking female bodies, she offers to be his model. However, she is dumbstruck when he tells her he wants to see her boobs! And upon seeing them, some sort of sadistic switch seems to be turned on inside of him and instead of just staring he pounces. And for some reason, she likes it!


Mature_Romance_MangaArtist/Novelist200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Nae Serizawa

JP Publisher :

libre inc.

Eng Publisher :

Full Moon

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Japanese :

Ero Mangaka no Gohoushi Assistant

Localization by :

Full Moon

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