Baby Before Business

Ty Bryant is the incredibly handsome and talented CEO of a major company, but he's known as the boss from hell. Madeleine, who works in public relations, was assigned to help improve his image. But it seems the rumors are pretty accurate-Ty promptly trashed Madeleine's plan to rehabilitate his image and he fired her. But when his attorney suddenly showed up at Ty's office with a baby to inform him that he's been named the child's guardian, Ty had second thoughts. So he pitched an idea to Madeleine-if she stays in his house and becomes his full-time nanny, he'll do whatever she says to improve his image...


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Baby Before Business

Madeleine will do whatever it takes to improve her client's image...[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Yuri Tajima original novel : Susan Meier Publisher : Harlequin

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