My Precious -Ravished by a Mafioso-

Ayumu's boyfriend, Jun, is second-in-command of the Ryusei Association family. In order to prove her independence, Ayumu has been focusing on her metalwork apprenticeship for the past two years. She was supposed to return to Jun soon, but now, he's telling her to wait a little longer. While they've seen each other a few times during their separation, it's been months since the last time they met. Ayumu knows it was her choice to be with a guy from a different world, but she just can't shake off her anxiety... Enjoy the dangerous thrills of loving a mobster in this much-anticipated sequel of the smash-hit romance, "My Precious"!

( Current vol 2 )

My Precious -Ravished by a Mafioso- (1)

Ayumu's beau, Jun, is second-in-command of the Ryusei Association. They've been living apart for two years so that Ayumu can be more independent. Soon before she's due to return, Ayumu is told she'll have to wait a little longer...[29pages]
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My Precious -Ravished by a Mafioso- (2) NEW

Although embarrassed by what she did the night before, Ayumu is shocked and delighted by Jun's sudden appearance. However, a strange email might destroy the happy reunion...[29pages]
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author : Takumi Izaki publisher : KASAKURA PUBLISHING co.,ltd. Series : A Fleeting VowMy Precious- 2 - Chouai Ryu ni Dakarete

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