The Process of Impure Love

"Is this enough for you to promise not to tell anybody what you saw...?" One evening, ordinary and completely straight college student Serizawa comes across two men kissing in a dark alleyway. As he attempts to walk away unnoticed, he recognizes one of the men as professor Utsumi; a lecturer at his college. Serizawa finds himself becoming interested in the love life of Utsumi, who is well-known for his iron mask and expressionless demeanor. In exchange for keeping Utsumi's secret, Serizawa invites him out for drinks. Later that night, Serizawa misses his last train home, and ends up dozing off at Utsumi's house. He wakes up, and, to his surprise, Utsumi is going down on him! A bittersweet, impure love story between a student and his plain yet erotic professor.

( Current vol 2 )

The Process of Impure Love (1)

College student Serizawa spots his professor, Utsumi, kissing a man. In return for keeping his secret, Serizawa makes a proposal. But then...! A bittersweet love story between a straight student and his plain yet erotic professor.[28pages]
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The Process of Impure Love (2) NEW

Serizawa finds himself visiting professor Utsumi's place more often then he expected. His interest in Utsumi, and Utsumi's love life, is increasing. But, is there such a thing as too much interest?[28pages]
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author : Koyubi publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Fujun Ai Process

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