At Her Boss's Pleasure

Kate is a no-nonsense, diligent employee. She doesn't make plans on Friday nights, choosing instead to work overtime. One day Alessandro, the CEO, shows up at the office. He's known as a playboy; he's rumored to have been with a lot of women, and Kate doesn't feel comfortable around him. She tries to exude calm despite her discomfort, but then he tells her that her boss may have committed fraud! Kate tries to persuade Alessandro that her boss is a trustworthy man and there must be some sort of mistake. Alessandro proposes she go on an overseas business trip with him in order to prove her boss's innocence!


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At Her Boss's Pleasure

Kate's orderly life is about to be turned on its head![130pages]
Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Akiko Miyagi original novel : Cathy Williams Publisher : Harlequin

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