Cinderella's Perfect Christmas

Alice's parents died and left her with nothing, so her uncle took her in, but he treats her harshly. When her uncle and her cousins leave for Christmas, a mysterious man named Captain Grayling shows up at Alice's door in a dashing military uniform. He was on his way to spend the holidays with friends and family when he and his children were caught in a blizzard. They spend several days with Alice, but when they are making preparations to leave, Captain Grayling asks Alice to leave with them. At first, she is elated, but then she realizes all he's looking for is a governess for his children...She realizes he could never want to marry her. Hurt and betrayed, Alice tells him she's staying with her uncle!


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Cinderella's Perfect Christmas

I knew it could never be, and yet he has caught my heart...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Junko Murata original novel : Annie Burrows Publisher : Harlequin

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