A Bride Worth Millions

Athena discovers that her fiance is cheating on her on the day they are to be married, and runs away in her wedding dress. She then falls from the second story of the venue and is caught by world-famous fashion designer Luca. But when they are seen together, a scandal arises. Luca's own fiancee thinks that he ran away with the bride and breaks off their engagement. But Luca won't be able to inherit his grandmother's fortune unless he's married by his thirty-fifth birthday. Which is why he then turns to Athena, offering her one million dollars for a yearlong fake marriage!


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A Bride Worth Millions

When Athena tried to marry for love, it backfired. So why shouldn't she marry for money this time?[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Junko Okada original novel : Chantelle Shaw Publisher : Harlequin

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