The Cost of the Forbidden

artist :

Hiromi Ogata

original novel :

Carol Marinelli


Sev, a successful IT millionaire, makes passes at his secretary when he's bored, even though he isn't actually interested. Naomi moved to New York to try to rekindle her relationship with her father, who left when she was young. It's been three months since Naomi started working for Sev, but she's beginning to worry that working so near someone so attractive is bad for her future. When she tries to resign, he demands that she go with him on a business trip to Dubai as her final task. And that's when his seduction really begins-so she mustn't let him know how she feels...



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artist :

Hiromi Ogata

original novel :

Carol Marinelli

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The Cost of the Forbidden Irresistible Russian Tycoons II

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Pages: 129

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