Hired: Sassy Assistant

Feeling buoyant after a chance meeting with a good-looking man who helped carry her things through the busy streets of London, Lulu heads off to a medical foundation's book publication event. At the event, she runs into none other than Kyle, the very same man who came to her rescue earlier that day. It turns out that ten years ago in Uganda, Kyle worked under Lulu's mother, who lost her life while on a mission there. When Kyle pleads for Lulu to assist him with his next book, she's struck with grief. She knows that if she falls for him, he'll eventually leave and break her heart...


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Hired: Sassy Assistant

I want you beside me. Is that too much to ask?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Michiko Soh original novel : Nina Harrington Publisher : Harlequin

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