The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin

Hardly able to believe that she's about to walk out onto such a large stage, up-and-coming singer Savannah heads to the stadium, heart pounding. She has been hastily brought in as the substitute for a veteran singer to perform the national anthem at the Six Nations rugby tournament. But the treatment awaiting her when she arrives is abominable: she's forced into a dress that doesn't fit, then shoved out onto the stage with barely any time to get ready. The next instant, the worst happens-her dress tears, exposing her before the huge audience. Then she's saved by a billionaire with a face covered in scars...


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The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin

When a wardrobe malfunction exposed her before an enormous audience, a scarred billionaire comes to her rescue.[130pages]
Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Kazuko Fujita original novel : Susan Stephens Publisher : Harlequin

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