Baby of Shame

Rhianna has regretted the night she spent with businessman Alexis for the last six years. She got close to him to try to save her father's company. But before she had a chance to negotiate, they tumbled into a night of passion together. But afterward, he threw money at her to pay for their night of pleasure and her efforts to save the company came to nothing. Now she lives a life of poverty and the only hope she has left is her young son. Alexis is the father of her beloved little boy, and in a weakened state, Rhianna foolishly agrees to accept his help, completely unaware that she's set herself up for a whole new level of regret...


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Baby of Shame

The cold hand reaching out to her holds a treacherous love.[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Natsue Ogoshi original novel : Julia James Publisher : Harlequin

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