Prince's Passion

Nik Prince is a filmmaker and a Hollywood darling. He's dying to make a film adaptation of a bestselling novel, but the author keeps their identity shrouded in mystery. Nik encounters a beautiful woman named Jinx, who's somehow connected to the author. Determined to do whatever it takes to obtain the rights to the novel, Nik decides to charm Jinx, but she shuts him down right away. Nik refuses to let the issue go, but Jinx has already made up her mind. She hides a sad truth, and she must protect the secretive author!


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Prince's Passion The Prince Brothers I

She's determined to protect her family, and he's determined to make a movie. Who will win their battle of wills?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Junko Okada original novel : Carole Mortimer Publisher : Harlequin series : The Prince Brothers- 1 -

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