Her Unforgettable Royal Lover

Dominic, an inspector for Interpol, is astonished to learn he is the Grand Duke of Karlenburgh, a country that no longer exists. This exciting historical discovery was uncovered by a woman named Natalie in an old document, and his identity is soon broadcast to the whole world. He's completely unable to continue his job as an inspector. He moves to Hungary with complicated feelings, but who should appear before him but Natalie? She's completely lost her memory and can't remember anything other than the words Grand Duke of Karlenburgh. And now it falls to Dominic to look after her!


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Her Unforgettable Royal Lover

She uncovered his past, but she's lost her own![129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Kazuna Uchida original novel : Merline Lovelace Publisher : Harlequin

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