Devil and the Deep Sea

Billionaire Roche Delacroix reigns over a Caribbean archipelago and is the grandson of the legendary Devil Delacroix. He also has his sights set on Samma. When her stepfather loses a bet and tries to use Samma to settle it, she reluctantly agrees to Roche's offer. He suggests Samma be his wife for one year for his daughter's sake, and if she does, he'll give her enough money to pay for college. But what's waiting for her at Roche's home is a curse! Roche ignores Samma and his beloved daughter and devotes himself solely to his work. Does he have someone else on his mind? Is that why he's avoiding the two of them?


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Devil and the Deep Sea

As his fake wife, she has no right to his heart![130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Karin Miyamoto original novel : Sara Craven Publisher : Harlequin

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