Holiday with the Millionaire

After Lara witnessed her boyfriend's betrayal with her own eyes, she fled her home through a downpour, stricken with grief. A regular woman like her just wasn't destined to have a fairy-tale romance... She had nowhere else to go, so she went to the house where she worked as a nanny. The owners of the home were kind and let her stay in the house while they were away. That night, just as Lara thought she had time to calmly think about what she was going to do next, her bosses' friend Reuben Tyler visited. Lara's life was turned upside down the moment he offered her his hand!


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Holiday with the Millionaire Tycoons in a Million I

Pages: 129

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artist : Haruhi Sakura original novel : Scarlet Wilson Publisher : Harlequin series : Tycoons in a Million- 1 -

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