Sup with the Devil

It has been three years since her father's best friend betrayed him, causing her family's bankruptcy. Courtney can't help but visit Hunters Court, her childhood home, when she hears it's up for sale. She wishes her family could live there once more, but when she visits, she sees a man who turns her blood to ice. It's Blair...the nephew of the man who betrayed her father! He says he bought the manor for them to live in together...if she wants to live there, she'll have to do so with him. Yet he backed her father into a corner and shattered her first love to pieces. Just what can Blair be thinking?


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Sup with the Devil

Is making a deal with the devil the only way to grant my wish?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Satoru Asami original novel : Sara Craven Publisher : Harlequin

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