Wed to the Texan

Shy secretary Emily is dumbfounded when her boss, Jake, proposes to her. They're both in a hurry to marry and have children, so Jake thinks it's a great idea. Unable to resist the offer and his charm, Emily accepts. However, one year into their marriage, they are still unable to conceive. That's when Emily learns the terrible truth: Jake married her for money. He stands to inherit a major fortune but only if he's married and has a child on the way. Now that Emily knows she's nothing more than a tool to increase Jake's wealth, Emily comes up with a plan of her own.


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Wed to the Texan

After being charmed into marrying her boss, Emily learns the cruel, selfish secret behind his proposal.[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Ryo Arisawa original novel : Sara Orwig Publisher : Harlequin

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