The Texan's Royal M.D.

Is there really such a thing as fate? Zia is a resident in pediatrics, taking a quick vacation, when she meets Michael Brennan, the CEO of a major shipping company that he built from the ground up. It was pure coincidence that Zia saved Mike's nephew from drowning, but from the moment they meet, everything seems to just fit : they're a perfect match. Now they've met each other's families and they're even collaborating at work. Zia is concerned things are going too well! And when she sees how much fun Mike has playing with his nephew, it only reminds her of a painful truth: Zia will never be able to have children. Why couldn't she tell him sooner?


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The Texan's Royal M.D.

Pages: 129

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artist : Kazuna Uchida original novel : Merline Lovelace Publisher : Harlequin

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