When You Call My Name

Glory has unusual powers, and one night, in the middle of a snowstorm, she uses these powers to save the life of a man named Wyatt after he gets into a car accident. Glory has premonitions, but her power causes people to fear her. Still, she has a happy life with her loving family...until someone sets their house on fire and Glory loses her father and brother. Isolated and afraid, Glory reaches out to Wyatt for help. Even though they've never met, ever since his accident, Wyatt and Glory have shared a connection, and she knows that Wyatt will come to her when she calls for him.


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When You Call My Name

I know he'll come to save me, even though we've never met...[162pages]
Pages: 162
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artist : Amie Hayasaka original novel : Sharon Sala Publisher : Harlequin

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