When Johanna was eighteen years old, she lost her parents in a fire, leaving her all alone in the world. She has since made her home on a ranch in Texas as their resident veterinarian. One day, the grandmother of the ranch owner gives her an astonishing request: as she may not have long left to live, she wants Johanna to take her four dogs across the country to their new owners-together with her grandson, Stone. As it turns out, Stone, CEO of an enormous jewelry company, was the first one with whom Johanna ever fell in love. Now she has to travel alone with him across the country... Can Johanna's heart handle it?



Classic_Romance_MangaFirst_LoveUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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artist :

Junko Matsufuji

original novel :

Catherine Mann

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One Good Cowboy

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Pages: 129

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