I Know You're Dirty

Responsible, no-nonsense police officer Munakata is known for his exceptional skills and high arrest rate. His perfection is the the envy of all. But, Munakata has a secret he can't tell anyone: his body's filthy longing to be humiliated. Unable to repress his flagrant desires, he indulges in risky behavior whenever he's alone at night.

When starry-eyed rookie officer Toru discovers his hero Munakata's secret, he opens the floodgates to forbidden pleasures...

A steamy, sensual drama about a naughty submissive who finds a potential dom in his junior admirer...

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I Know You're Dirty (1)

Serious, strait-laced police officer Munakata has a secret: his lecherous body's hunger for hardcore humiliation. He's at the mercy of his rampant libido...[27pages]
Pages: 27
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I Know You're Dirty (2)

As Munakata and Toru continue their illicit relationship, Toru discovers an exhilarating new side of himself. Meanwhile, Munakata's having reservations...[29pages]
Pages: 29
Rent (48hrs) : $

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I Know You're Dirty (3)

In the course of their police work, Munakata and Toru encounter someone who's strangely familiar with the senior cop. It seems there's a lot Toru still doesn't know about his lover...[34pages]
Pages: 34
Rent (48hrs) : $

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I Know You're Dirty (4)

Toru is recovering in the hospital, but Munakata throws himself into his work, refusing to pay him a visit. That is, until he discovers there's more to Toru's admiration for him than he thought...[39pages]
Pages: 39
Rent (48hrs) : $

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I Know You're Dirty (5)

A man from Munakata's shameful past is captured by police, and agrees to cooperate on an undercover operation... on the condition that Munakata will work with him![36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $

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I Know You're Dirty (6)

Toru grapples with what he now knows about Munakata's past. Meanwhile, Tatsumi escapes the clutches of police and entices Munakata to negotiate with him... alone.[35pages]
Pages: 35
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Kotaru Kashima publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Anata ha Iyarashii Hito

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