The Best Man's Baby

artist :

Yu Mahara

original novel :

Darcy Maguire


Wedding planner Skye is shaking at the unexpected reunion between her and her ex, Nick, who is the best man at a wedding she's in charge of. Four years ago, she left him without a word and it's unlikely that he's forgiven her for that. Just saying his name makes her heart ache even now... Then the next day, too many flowers and chocolates to hold are delivered to her workplace. Is this some sort of game he's playing to try to get her back for being the one person he couldn't control? But she can't let him find out the real reason why she left him...



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artist :

Yu Mahara

original novel :

Darcy Maguire

Publisher :


series :

The Wedding Planners- 2 -

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The Best Man's Baby The Wedding Planners II

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Pages: 129

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