Expecting the Rancher's Heir

Melissa, who manages the spa at her family's luxury resort, has been in a secret relationship with Shane, a local rancher. One day, she is shocked to discover that she's pregnant. "My late father worked so hard to build this resort, and my pregnancy is going to ruin its reputation in the eyes of the investors!" She tells Shane that she wants to break things off, but out of a sense of duty, he asks for her hand in marriage instead! "I don't want a loveless marriage bound together purely by obligation," she tells him. But his dreamy smile and persuasive ways are too hard to resist...


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Expecting the Rancher's Heir

I must keep this relationship a secret for the sake of my family.[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Karan Dan original novel : Kathie Denosky Publisher : Harlequin

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