Tomas Gallo! Zara's heart trembles as she is reunited with her ex-husband. After her parents passed away, Zara's uncle used her as a servant until Tomas married her to free her from her uncle's grasp. Zara still remembers their passionate kiss from that night. But it's been two years since they've seen each other and it seems Tomas has completely forgotten her. Zara can't help but return to Tomas's side when she hears he's recovering from an accident. can this be? Has he lost his memory?



Classic_Romance_MangaFate/DestinyUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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artist :

Yuriko Matsukawa

original novel :

Natalie Anderson

Publisher :


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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

The Forgotten Gallo Bride

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Pages: 129

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