The Final Seduction

Accused of being unfaithful by her fiance, Drew, heartbroken Shelly fled to Milan. Three years later, she's back in the town she never thought she'd return to.There, she runs into Drew, and with their unresolved past looming over them, their fighting begins again. His blue eyes, deep as the ocean, no longer hold the warmth for her that they once did... But before she knows it, she is relying on him once more, just like before. Although she knows he'll never forgive her, his kindness confuses her. What does he really want from her?


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The Final Seduction

I know there's no way you'd ever forgive me. I threw my future with you down the drain...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Natsumi Matsumoto original novel : Sharon Kendrick Publisher : Harlequin

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