When nanny Ainslie accidentally witnesses her employer's wife having an affair, she gets fired for a crime she never committed. Hopeless and jobless, Ainslie finds herself lost in London's train traffic, where she meets a handsome man holding an upset baby. Seeing the man struggling to comfort the baby, Ainslie offers to help him. The man turns out to be Elijah Vanaldi, a successful real estate mogul and an Italian millionaire. The baby, Elijah's nephew, recently lost his parents and Elijah is trying to protect him from his brother-in-law's notorious family. Which is why he needs to convince the caseworker that his nephew will be happiest living with him and Ainslie...who he says is his fiancee!



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artist :

Yu Senke

original novel :

Carol Marinelli

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Hired: The Italian's Convenient Mistress

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Pages: 128

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