Kiss the Sleeping Prince

After a painful breakup with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Ruby takes a solo vacation to distract herself from her heartbreak. However, on her way back to the airport, thieves rob her of everything she has and leave her stranded on a deserted island. However, the island isn't as deserted as it first appears. As it turns out, a handsome and mysterious young man named Luke often frequents the island as his own way of escape. Luke shows Ruby how to live off the island's natural resources. This exercise in survival quickly turns into Ruby's paradise, but in six days, the real world will come for them, and Ruby will have to face the nefarious enemy who wishes she'd stay gone for good.


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Kiss the Sleeping Prince

Ruby wakes on a deserted island and finds love, but can it last beyond their tropical paradise?[132pages]
Pages: 132
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artist : Rikako Tsuji Publisher : Harlequin

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