The Countess and the Laws of Love

Fabienne Farrel is the daughter of a minister. So, when a messenger of the late Count Damien Farrel an uncle she didn't know she had arrives to retrieve her as the only heir to the Farrel fortune, her life turns upside down. Entrusted to her uncle's noble friend, Fabienne must unlearn her commoner ways and learn the etiquette of the royal court. Fabienne is more concerned with learning how to govern her land, but her uncle seems to be manipulating her future from beyond the grave. Before she even arrived, she's been arranged to marry Baron Guido Bastar, a man she's never met and knows nothing about and he is set to govern her inherited estate. Fabienne must learn to navigate not only the court, but the arrangement with her so-called fiance, and find her place among a circle of nobles who expect little of her.


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The Countess and the Laws of Love

A common girl with noble blood inherits an estate and must become a countess.[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Reiko Mochizuki Publisher : Harlequin

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