The Poet and the Rose of Demimonde

Left to repay her late father's debts, Lucienne is left in the care of a high-class madame to learn to become a courtesan. The only way she will pay off her debts is if she successfully earns her courtesan rank and finds a wealthy patron to pay for her as his mistress. But, Lucy doesn't want to sell herself for money. She'd rather be a servant if it means she can be with someone she loves. However, love can't pay off her debts. So, when a poor poet named Hubert begins to court her and she falls deeper in love, Lucy begins to dread the day money tears them apart. Can Lucy and Hubert's love overcome the power of money?


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The Poet and the Rose of Demimonde

A girl doomed to be sold to repay her late father's debts enters a forbidden romance with a poor poet.[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Kuroyurihime Publisher : Harlequin

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