The Wedding Wager

Leonora is a teacher struggling to teach the wild ex-soldier Morse how to become a gentleman in just three months! It all started with a wager she made with her uncle. If she wins, he will give her part of his fortune so that she can make her dream come true. Morse is very handsome and does look the part of a gentleman, but the issue is his inability to act like one. Not to mention, once he realizes that Leonora is sexually inexperienced, he is set on trying to seduce her... Morse's reckless love games are getting in the way of lessons, and now Leonora's pure heart is in danger!


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The Wedding Wager

I never thought the day would come when he would realize my feelings...[145pages]
Pages: 145
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artist : Satomi Tsuya original novel : Deborah M. Hale Publisher : Harlequin

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