Bound By The Billionaire's Vows

Skye took off her diamond wedding ring. Her marriage to Italian millionaire Matteo ended when she learned that he had never really loved her, even though he had been the one to pursue her. Matteo accepted her request for a divorce without argument. I knew he didn't love me...but at least I was able to keep it secret from him. Just when she thought her worries were behind her, Skye collapsed and was taken to the hospital. By the time she regained consciousness, Matteo had already found out about her pregnancy. Angry that she had asked for a divorce knowing she was having his baby, he tore up the divorce papers!


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Bound By The Billionaire's Vows

Even though I know it was a marriage built on a lie, I still love him...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Sami Fujimoto original novel : Clare Connelly Publisher : Harlequin

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