Driving Under the Cover of the Night

Conscientious cab driver Taira Tsunayoshi's days have been boring.
That is, until one day, when a man gets into his cab soaked with blood and rain and tells him to go to Biei?a town in the northern island of Hokkaido.
Though he's taken aback by the bizarre man, Taira sets out on their drive and stops to spend the night at a hotel, where the man suddenly suggests a hookup.
This is a story of love and suspense between a serious cab driver and a handsome but mysterious man.

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Driving Under the Cover of the Night (1)

A beautiful man soaked in blood appears in front of Taira, a serious-minded cab driver who, until now, thought his life was dull. Before he knows it, he becomes caught up in a journey that blows away his boredom.[36pages]
Pages: 36
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Driving Under the Cover of the Night (2)

Taira hadn't known that he was capable of doing it with a guy. Surprised to have enjoyed it, and although he remains wary of Ranpei, he takes him to a familiar inn en route to their destination, telling himself that the guy can't be all bad.[41pages]
Pages: 41
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Kawajili publisher : Brite Publishing Mayonaka Drivers High

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