Jun and the Grim Reaper

The second series in the "My Demon Cry Baby Maria"!
This story takes place in a city in Japan where demons and grim reapers exist among humans. One grim reaper has a problem, however. Previously, the cute demon Maria dumped him, but he was instead told to go and find Jun Mariya - a human who looks exactly like the demon, and thus our main character can't stop being curious about him. He wants to get closer to him and if things go well...! But, Jun doesn't seem interested at all. If anything, he lets the grim reaper know very early on that he'd never consider an assassin. The reaper never thought of himself in that way, so getting told something so cold by his love interest leaves him in shock. For a long time, he has provided excellent results within the grim reaper organization, but in order to charm Jun, he decides to take action.

This is the long-awaited spin off of the hit manga "My Demon Cry Baby Maria!"

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Jun and the Grim Reaper (1)

The reaper is puzzled and at a loss of what to do. He wants to get closer to Jun, a human who looks like the cute demon Maria. He wants to get close and do a little bit of everything, but how to...!?[27pages]
Pages: 27
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Jun and the Grim Reaper (2)

The reaper has to deal with how his results have decreased while also doing his best to charm Jun. Things don't always go as planned though and, unable to deal with his feelings, he ends up lashing out on Jun instead...[27pages]
Pages: 27
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


Buy : $2.00


Jun and the Grim Reaper (3)

Kyoji saves Jun from the various deaths that are coming after him and eventually they manage to get safe. Through all this, Jun's view of Kyoji has changed and it seems like maybe ? finally ? Kyoji's dream of a night with Jun will come true...[33pages]
Pages: 33
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


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author : Yukihiko Sano publisher : Iproduction Co. Ltd. Mariya-kun to Shinigami-san

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March 03, 2021 (JST)
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