Only He Can Heal My Chest -My Subordinate's Drastic Treatment-

Asahina is perfect in every sense ? he gets work done, is good with people and looks great. His only flaw... is his chest. Naturally, this was supposed to stay a secret, but on a trip with his co-workers, a younger employee he can't stand ? Takuya Mochizuki ? ends up seeing it!
However, Takuya then offers to help him fix it, and he appears to be completely genuine about it. But, the pleasure ends up affecting other parts of Asahina's body as well, and one thing eventually leads to another. Despite realizing that this surely can't be part of any treatment plan, Asahina finds that his chest is actually changing...!

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Only He Can Heal My Chest -My Subordinate's Drastic Treatment- (1)

Asahina's one complex has been exposed to a younger colleague he can't stand. On top of that, said colleague then offers to fix it for him, and starts doing so by placing his mouth on Asahina's chest...[27pages]
Pages: 27
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author : Mari Minamoto publisher : Bevy Kanbotsu Chikubi wo Naosu niha Suu shika naidesyo

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