A Ring To Claim His Legacy

Emmy had lost all her confidence as a woman because her fiance left her right before the wedding and decided to visit a resort island. There she meets a handsome man, Marco, who looks at her with an intense gaze that makes her heart flutter. Wanting to forget the painful reality and heal her heartaches, Emmy spends the week with him like lovers, and they share a passionate night. Emmy finds herself avle to live on with the memories of this wonderful time. Five months later, Marco appears in front of her as the CEO of a client company. He turned out to be a millionaire from New York! Should she tell him? That she is pregnant with his child...


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A Ring To Claim His Legacy

Pages: 129

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

Buy : $6.99


artist : Takako Shigematsu original novel : Rachael Thomas Publisher : Harlequin

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