Crazy About Her Impossible Boss

Lucinda is a single mother, who works as a secretary for Angus Wolfe, a renowned marketing strategist and entrepreneur of Melbourne. For the past six years, she has kept her feelings for him a secret, but she realizes it is time for her to part ways from her unrequited romance, and finally give her son a father. "I can't miss this chance!" However, Angus, who is shocked to know his secretary has a date, decides to stay at the same resort facility. As a result, Lucinda gets dumped by her date, and she is all alone with her boss. The two have no choice but to acknowledge their attraction to each other, but struggle with their own complexes of single parenting and the existence of a 'father.' Where will this unbalanced romance lead up to?


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Crazy About Her Impossible Boss

Pages: 129

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artist : Yuko Ichiju original novel : Ally Blake Publisher : Harlequin

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