The Ceo's Unexpected Child

Facing a ruthless reality, Claire's surroundings have become dark. Her husband died in an accident with his affair, and it turned out that the father of her important daughter, who she had conceived with the help of the fertility clinic, was a strange billionaire named Luca Moretti. She was told that the clinic mistook Luca's sperm ampoule for Claire's husband's. "I can't live without my daughter! I won't give her to anyone!" Claire turned down Luca's request for custody. After that, Luca made an unbelievable proposal, "Why don't we go on vacation at a beach house on the island for a month, so we can get to know each other?"


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The Ceo's Unexpected Child

Pages: 129

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Kanoko Yamamoto original novel : Andrea Laurence Publisher : Harlequin

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