It's spring, which makes it the start of the school year for new high-school student Taisei Sato. Until this point, Taisei's life has been perfectly ordinary. Then, on his first day, he meets a girl who draws everyone's eye?and falls in love at first sight. But, this gorgeous, cute girl is actually a boy! And for some reason, knowing that fact doesn't end Taisei's attraction...

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(Current ch. 2)New Release: May 18, 2021 (JST)

Sparkle!! (1)

Ordinary high school student Taisei Sato meets a gorgeous, cute girl on his first day and falls in love at first sight. The only catch is, this girl is actually a boy![28pages]
Pages: 28
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Sparkle!! (2) NEW

Taisei and Yuu are assigned to the same room during their overnight school orientation. Confused about what draws him toward Yuu, Taisei uses their close proximity to learn more about Yuu's past and why he wants to look like a girl.[29pages]
Pages: 29
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author : Kuku Machino publisher : Intelfin Inc. Sparkle!!

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