Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence-

Working at a vintage cafe was Yuka's pride and joy. It also was how she met Kyo. In fact, Yuka began to eagerly anticipate him walking in at his usual time each day... until her father's crippling debt came to light, that is. The resulting whirlwind turned her life upside down, and Kyo was at the center of it. However, this Kyo seemed completely different from the strong, silent man she knew from the cafe. What's more, he had underlings who called him "sir" and "boss"... Was Kyo a yakuza all along? Was that kind smile just a mask? Who is the real him...?

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Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence- (1)

The man Yuka admired has come to collect her father's debts!?[45pages]
Pages: 45
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Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence- (2)

Yuka hates the man who played her for a fool. But, for one fleeting moment, she caught a glimpse of the Kyo she knew...[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


Buy : $2.00


Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence- (3)

If only Yuka knew how Kyo really felt... She realizes she must be up front and ask... Is this a date!?[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


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author : Ruka publisher : OrangeVox Inai Renbo Anata no Sugao ni Miserarete

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